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May 6 to May 13 - Catholic Education Week and Mental Wellness Week

As Catholic Education Week begins on Sunday May 6, we are sharing with the school community our Catholic Education Week brochure that will be going home with our students on today. There are many great events going on next week each day so I encourage you to please check the brochure and consider coming into the school to participate in some of the activities advertised by the classrooms on each day of the week.

As well, you may or may not know May 7-May 13 is Mental Wellness week. We are sharing with you a brochure indicating the Mental Wellness theme for each day. Also included some grade appropriate suggested videos, please consider reviewing the video links at home with your children, just follow the links provided. As well the brochure includes suggested reading material for you to review at home. Both the books and videos are a great way to foster meaningful conversation and learning with your children during Mental Wellness

We look forward to a fun filled week of learning and celebration and hope that you will be able to support our work at school by either being present where you can be or reviewing the materials made available to you and engaging in conversation with your children at home.

Have a wonderful week!